Teen Writing Contest









2017 Contest Winners

1A - Poetry: Grades 6-8
1st Place - Angelina C.
2d Place - Jimmy P.
3rd Place - Pearl R.

1B - Short Story: Grades 6-8
1st Place - Anna M.
2nd Place - Robel C.
3rd Place - Christopher I.

2A - Poetry: Grades 9-12
1st Place - Penelope D.
2nd Place - Chriszawn W.
3rd Place - Deanna P.

2B - Short Story: Grades 9-12
1st Place - McKenna A.
2nd Place - Ethan P.
3rd Place - Samiha Z.


2016 Contest Winners

HPL’s first Teen Writing Contest garnered 53 participants from around Houston and even outside of Texas!  A huge “thank you” to you everyone who participated in or helped promote this program.  We had many great entries from which to choose.

Middle and High School students were encouraged to submit their poetry or short stories for consideration.  This contest judged submissions on three fronts: originality; use of language; and technical skill.  Entries were assigned a number according to their category and separated from their cover sheet before being submitted to our Writing Contest Judges.  Judges did not discover the name, age, gender or geographic location of entries until after the winning entries had been selected for all categories.

1A – Poetry: Grades 6-8
1st Place - Ethan P.
2nd Place - Catherine N.
3rd Place - Danielle T.

1B – Short Story:  Grades 6-8
1st place - Danielle T.
2nd place - Fayobami  T.
3rd place - Penelope D.

2A – Poetry: Grades 9-12
1st place - Morgan L.
2nd place - Elle C.
3rd place - Juliette S.
Honorable mention - Xa B.

2B – Short Story: Grades 9-12
1st place - Lan N.
2nd place - Morgan L.
3rd place - McKenna T.