Women in the Visual and Literary Arts (WiVLA) and Houston Public Library present

S P A C E: An Artist and Writer Collaboration Project

November 3, 2018 – December 31, 2018
Central Library | 1st Floor Gallery

What is space? A free area or expanse; the dimension of height, depth, and width within which all things exist and move. A parking space. Personal space. Outer space. Inner space. Space around us and within us. Limited. Infinite. The final frontier.  The public is invited to join us at this exhibit to witness 22 collaborations and partnerships with varied interpretations of our theme, S P A C E.

About WiVLA:

A unique organization for women artists, writers, and performers in the Houston area, their mission is to provide an inspiring forum for women to explore and advance their creative development, to promote their work in the marketplace, and to infuse the community with a spirit of cooperation and invention. Members enjoy the camaraderie that occurs at every month’s meeting. Networking with each other, members often find new opportunities and people to meet.

WiVLA is well-known for their Collaboration Exhibitions, in which a writer and an artist or performer work together under the umbrella of a theme. Both collaborate on which direction they want to move toward, and then they each create in their own genre. It is tandem work that is greater than the sum of its parts.

For further information, go to www.wivla.org