Blogging Basics

Have a fun and interactive time learning how to create your own personal blog!

Download the Blogging Basics Handout

Download the Blogging Basics Presentation

Computer Help Session & Computer Help Session ESL

Session content is based on student questions about computer use. Students are welcome to bring questions related to English vocabularies specifically about technology.

Digital Audio Basics

This course explains the various characteristics of digital audio. It describes the concepts of recording, copying, and converting digital audio. It also explores key features of digital audio players.

Digital Photography Basics

This course explains the various characteristics of digital photography. It describes the benefits, features, and workings of a digital camera. Students will learn how digital images can be managed and edited.

Digital Technology Help & Digital Technology Help ESL

Learn about new digital technologies that will help keep you informed in today’s world. Students will also be introduced to English vocabularies specifically related to technology.

Etsy and Pinterest

Learn how to sell and advertise your crafts on Etsy and Pinterest.

E-book Basics

Learn how to download and read eBooks from the library’s collection to your particular device.

Android Basics

Learn about the popular Android operating system and how to use Android phones and devices.


Go beyond basic internet searching and see what else you can do with Google.

Google Drive Basics

This course presents an overview of Google Drive and highlights some features of Google’s cloud storage.

HTML Web Design

Have a fun and interactive time learning HTML with the website Code Academy!

Social Media

Learn how you can connect with people and advertise your business using social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networking websites.

YouTube Search

Explore YouTube’s website and become a savvy searcher.