Digital Literacy

Basic Mouse & Keyboarding

Hands-on lab for keyboard and mouse practice using free web tutorials.

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Computer Basics

Course covers the main parts of a computer. It also defines common computer terminology and explains the features of different computers and types of productivity, communications, educational, and entertainment programs.

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Computer Security

This course explains the various measures that can help protect the computer from various threats associated with the use of computers.

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Email Basics

Learn how easy it is to create an email account, send, and receive messages.Topics include file attachments, folders, spam, etc.

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Fifty Plus Computer Club

Enhance your computer skills and learn how to operate in today's digital world.

Internet Basics & Internet Basics ESL

This course explains the purpose of the Internet, what is needed to connect to it, and important terms. You will also learn how to use web browsers and search engines. Students will also be introduced to English vocabularies specifically to searching the internet.

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Mac & Apple Basics

An introduction to one of the most widely used computer operating systems. Learn how Mac works and practice using its many functions.

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