Teen Tech Week 2018

Teens with Technology

Teen Tech Week (March 4th - 10th) is dedicated to showcasing the technology available to teens at their local public library.  "This yearly initiative aims to connect teens and libraries and encourage teens to make use of the library’s nonprint resources. (YALSA)" 

The Young Neighborhood Library is on board with connecting teens to resources and exciting technology available at their fingertips. Being one of HPL's newer libraries, we can provide teens access to a variety of technology, including all-in-one touchscreen computers. STEM-inspired activities are created weekly as part of an initiative to support the school curriculum, and with the help of Community Engagement, we can further engage teens with events such as Hour of Code and Sphero technology. This year, teens and tweens are eager to get their hands on this new technology! 

We will be kicking off the week with "A Wrinkle in Time" inspired STEM activities as we get ready for the release of the film this week. If you are a teen or tween and are interested in learning more about this fantastic interactive technology, stop by Young Neighborhood Library during After School Zone between 3:30pm and 5:30 pm Monday through Thursday to be a part of this week's festivities!

Kids experimenting Kids experimenting
Batteries and STEM Kit Batteries and STEM Kit
Child with STEM Kit Child with STEM Kit
Experiments Experiments
Staff and Kids at Program Staff and Kids at Program

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