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celebrating latin america

The 2019 Living Room at the Henington-Alief Regional library saw the celebration and pride of Latin America and the Hispanic community in Houston. From decorations to food, music and games, there was much to learn and experience on this wonderful day. 

In preparation, many displays and decorations were made before the big day. To educate and capture the goal for the Living Room, pictures of Latin American culture and home-made decorations were chosen and set up around the library.

Descriptions of food and maps were great for teaching.  

A local band played popular and traditional songs of Latin America. One of the best parts was when they played some kids songs for the children sitting in front, showing the audience how flexible their talent was. 

We would like to give a special thanks to the  Polanco International Music Academy and their director,  Venezuelan cuatro virtuoso Jorge Polanco, for their partnerhsip and performance.

Seeing patrons enjoy themselves with the activities and learn something new was truly wonderful. Patrons of Hispanic background greatly appreciated an event that focused on their culture. A couple of patrons mentioned they loved HPL and Houston because of our diversity and that it was great to learn and experience something new. 

To top off the event, traditional food from some Latin countries were served to the patrons. There were empanadas and Venezuelan tequeños, which were provided by local restaurants, Tuttopane and El Sabor Venezolano. There were also plantain chips and home-made Aguas Frescas. An HPL style and Latin American map cake was also served. Yum!

Traditional games of Latin America were chosen to teach patrons how to play and enjoy together. Patrons and staff alike learned new games and had plenty of fun.

In the pictures below, the Peruvian Sapo (Frog) game was played, and the Loteria game was enjoyed by adults and children alike. 

Arts and crafts influenced by Latin America were enjoyed by all. Some activities were weaving for adults and flutes for children.

We can't wait to see you at our next Living Room!

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