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Just in time for Halloween, we are recycling this post from last year's Scream In event. Find out details about this year's scary soiree

Earlier this month, we hosted our 2nd annual Scream In event for tweens and teens ages 10-15. Forty-nine ghouls, werewolves and movie characters arrived at the Central Library ready for a screaming good time. And boy did we deliver!

We started off with pizza and sugar skull decorating while teens shared their best shrieks and cackles to win the highly coveted Scream Queen and Villain Laugh trophies.  Then we got everyone’s blood pumping with the Pumpkin Nudge and Mummy Wrap relay races, blacklight games, mad scientist experiments, and craft stations including “Create Your Own Creature” where participants could build their own Frankenstein inspired creature out of toy parts.

As promised, we ended the night on a spooky note by telling the teens about Mr. Cramer’s ghost who haunts JIB and then went on Ghost Walks through the building. There were multiple accounts of paranormal activity in the building and it was super creepy at night. Our participants loved the “haunted” library experience. More than one teen declared, “this isn’t scary” only to scream bloody murder moments later! We had ghostly figures strategically tucked away throughout the tour. Some “monsters” hiding by an elevator and a set of creepy twins in the Meldrum room. Doors closed on their own and screams/moans sounded through the building. 

Kudos to our 25 staff and 10 volunteers who worked tremendously hard to make sure the participants had a great time, having STEAM infused fun at the library.

Happy Halloween! Rebecca D., Teen Services Librarian

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