National Poetry Month

entering the wild garden poem

National Poetry Month (NPM) takes place every year in the month of April.  It's a time to celebrate poets, poetry, and the importance they have in our community.  Poetry offers us wisdom, uplifting ideas, and language that helps us reflect on our lives.  It also helps us to slow down and center ourselves mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in life.

Below are new broadsides put together specifically for NPM.  See more Poet Laureate news and the full text of each poem here!

One of the Better Sermons
by Aliah Lavonne Tigh

Dominican Earth
by Sol Thomas

Entering the Wild Garden
by Ron Starbuck

A Ghazal Since I Don't Want To Go Under A Knife

by Lily Wulfemeyer

From "Brown Paper Dolls For Hadji"

by Natasha Carrizosa

So Many (Excerpt)

by JD Pluecker

by Nicole Smith


by Hope Ka-Faji


by Deniz Lopez

From "A 4th Grade Dance Party In The Cafeteria On a Monday At 1PM In Houston Is My America"

by Reyes Ramirez


by Blanca Rodriguez Alanis

Warrior Song

by Benjamin Garcia

Tony's Place

by Zacheriah Ayers


Check out our Poet Laureate page!

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