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Continuing on the new world of, today we’re talking about creating and editing playlists.

When you first create your profile, you are asked to choose subjects of interest. These are used to provide suggestions for courses and videos to watch. If you’re like me, you immediately decided all of them were relevant but didn’t know how to save them for the future. That’s where playlists come in handy!

If you look at the box for each course – either on the recommendations or as you’re browsing through the site – you’ll notice there’s a little icon that’s a plus sign with a downward facing arrow next to it. If you click on that, a menu comes up where you can add the video to a playlist.  If you’ve already created some playlists, you’ll find the names on the menu. If you haven’t you will click add to a new playlist…

After you’ve added videos to playlists, you’ll access them from the account dropdown menu. That can be found in the top right corner of your screen; it displays your name, a white person icon, and a downward facing arrow. Under that menu, simply click the playlists link and it will take you to a screen where you can view and edit your playlists.

The My Playlists screen has a variety of options, but the two we’re focusing on today are the create a new playlist button and the edit playlist link. If you want to set up playlists before exploring video possibilities, this is the page to do it. If you’ve already got them set up and videos added, you’ll be more interested in the Edit Playlist feature.

Each playlist shows the playlist name, the number of courses and videos in that playlist, the total duration (or, how long it will take you to complete the playlist), and your viewing and update statistics. It’s a create page for you to track your progress through a course or subject. The closer you get to completion, the closer you get to being able to add a new skill to your resume or LinkedIn profile!

Editing a playlist gives you the ability to change the order of the courses you wish to take (i.e., sorting them from beginner to advanced level), delete videos or the entire playlist, or make a copy of the playlist. You can also rename the playlist or add a description so you can remember what theme you were going for when you made the playlist.

I hope you’re enjoying thus far! Keep an eye out for the next and final post in this series: watching videos and completing courses.

Written by Genevieve H., Central Library


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