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Welcome to the final part of the Lynda blog series! I hope you’ve been enjoying Lynda since its premier and have had a chance to explore it more. As promised, today I’m going to take you through choosing and watching videos and completing courses on

Last time we talked about creating playlists from recommended videos, but what if you just want to browse? That’s where the Library feature comes in. Click on that drop down and you’ll see all the overarching areas on Lynda. When you see the area you’re looking for, hover over it and an extended menu pops out showing the topics and software covered by that section. Clicking on the desired topic or software will take you to all the videos and courses offered on the subject. If you’d rather narrow it down to something specific, you can use the search bar on the top right.

Once you’ve found the course you would like to take, getting started is easy. Click the title from the search results screen, and you will be taken to the main page of the course. There are two layout options to choose from, but the default is a big video player at the top and the navigation panels below. To start the course, simply click the video play button. The videos are already set up in a playlist and will start the next video automatically as you are watching. Sometimes you simply want to watch the video (or videos) to learn one specific part, and that’s okay. If you want to take full advantage of the course, though, you should take a look below the video player.

Here you can see a screenshot of the course navigation panels. Let’s walk through it! Box 1 shows you the contents tab. Here you can see what will be included in the course, whether or not you have a bookmark in one of the course sections, and whether or not you’d like to skip to a specific part because you know the other sections. To the right of the content sidebar is the course overview section. You can see a blurb about the course author, check the skill level (box 3), the time required (box 4), and access the Transcript (box 2). Clicking Transcript will take you to a tab with the text from the video you are watching so you can follow along. At the very bottom you can see the subjects and software the course is tagged with. Clicking on those will take you to other courses and videos with the same tags.

As you’re going through the course, you’re going to come across parts of the videos that are very important, detailed, or insightful. If you’re like me, you’ll want to go back to that section repeatedly for refreshers. Lynda recognizes this type of learning style and integrated bookmarks and note taking into their videos and courses. 

When you hit a point in the video that you want to come back to, simply click the Notebook tab and write a note in the note field. As soon as you press Enter the note attaches itself to that part of the video and creates a link for you to jump back quickly in the future. Once you start making notes, it will organize them for you in sectional dropdowns as shown in the screenshot. It will show you the start of the note and the time of the video that note is attached to. Bookmarks are organized by time. The later in the video, the further down the list they will be.

Sometimes a course will have handouts for you, either with extra information, as assignments, or to go along with the information in the videos. To access these, you’re going to scroll up to the title bar above the video. There you will see the icon to change the layout, access downloads, add the course to a playlist, share, and access help features (the three dots). Hovering over downloads will give you access to the online aspects of the course. If there are any handouts, they will be under Exercise Files, as demonstrated.

By this point, you should be a expert and ready to add skills to that resume! I hope I’ve covered everything you need to know to get started. If not, let me know in the comments. 

Written by Genevieve H., Central Library


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