Inauguration Ceremony Poem: "Like the Lantana"

Houston Poet Laureate

“Like the Lantana”

Poem by Gwendolyn Zepeda

You thrive in the heat. You emerge from flat cement, grow above your obstacles, stand vibrant.

With fruits as rich and dark as oil, you call to the songbirds. Call down the butterflies with blooms combining all your colors.

You flourish in unexpected places, catch my eye and make me smile. The clouds can’t dim you; the storms don’t tear you down.

Like the lantana, you burst through the borders, outshining others with your strength and simple beauty. I call it a favorite flower; I call you beloved home.

Poem by Gwendolyn Zepeda, Houston Poet Laureate, read at the 2014 Inauguration of Mayor Annise D. Parker, City Controller Ronald C. Green and City Council Members.

Video — Recitation of the inaugural poem “Like a Lantana” at the 2014 Inauguration Ceremony (21:00-22:38).





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