HPL Staff Recommend: Favorite Readalouds, Week 1



It's been a long time since my children were young enough for me to read picture books aloud to them, but I remember those days just like they were yesterday. We had so many favorites, but for me, the best readalouds had great pictures and were just fun to read out loud. Maybe they rhymed, or maybe they just had a good rhythm. And many times both were true! And the best books? Those were the ones that the kids would read along with me, finishing the sentences. Some of my daughter's first words were those from books: "Dibble dibble, dibble dibble, dop dop dop" from Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? by Dr. Seuss may have come out more like "dibba dibba dop dop," but it was music to my ears!

My absolute favorite, though, was Jamberry by Bruce Degen. "One berry, two berry, pick me a blueberry!" still makes me smile every time. The pictures are vibrant, with lots of details to pore over. But most importantly, this book is just incredibly fun to read. I dare you to read it without a smile!

The Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation has prepared some great tips for discovering 15 minutes every day to read aloud with your child. For the next few weeks, along with sharing a favorite book to read aloud, we will also share a few of their tips. If you'd like to share tips of your own, feel free to tag them on Twitter with the hashtag #Discover15.


  • At Bedtime: Every night, read a book with your child or tell your own story.
  • While Cooking: Ask your child to read the recipe to you, describe the foods you are using, and spell the words.
  • Doing Homework: Use homework time as reading time. Ask your child to read directions, questions, and answers out loud.
  • At the Library: Take your child to the library and find a quiet place to read. Check out some books to read at home.

Happy reading!

Written by Somer N., Virtual Library

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