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Houston Public Library and the Instituto la Paz, a primary school in Mexico City, have cultivated an exciting partnership over the past year.  In January of 2015, the school’s Director General Lic. Gerardo Gonzalez and Director of English, Neil Crawford, approached us to discuss getting library cards for all 800 students, faculty, and staff at this school. They wanted their students to have access to the databases available on the library website, resources otherwise unavailable to them in Mexico.
Within a month, the majority of the students and faculty had library cards and were exploring the resources available on HPL’s website. Students were using their cards to access e-books and e-audiobooks via Overdrive, improving their English and other language skills via Mango Languages, and doing research for school projects via a number of other databases on our website. As the students started using their cards at home as well, their parents also benefited from this partnership. They were excited to discover the many Spanish Language newspapers available to them through Press Display, newspapers they wouldn’t have access to without a library card.
To encourage their students to continue exploring these and other online resources, the school built a learning lab, equipped with over two dozen computers, so their students could spend time each week researching various topics on the computer and reading E-books.

In October 2015, I visited Instituto la Paz, while on a trip to Mexico City. The visit started with a tour of the school and unveiling a commemorative plaque celebrating the partnership between HPL and the Instituto la Paz. After meeting with the director and other staff to discuss how we could enhance their students’ learning experience, I closed the visit with a bilingual storytime for their second graders full of music and stories. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to visiting again in the future.

Written by Michelle Johnson, Central Library


Congratulations to Instituto La Paz on the partnership. This is helping us investigate about World Poverty. We would like to hear from people about the ideas to solve global poverty. Thank You

I think that the world poverty is cause by all the presidents that don't care the people of their countries and spend all the money of the people that work hard every day. I think the way to stop the world poverty is choosing good persons that know how people is suffering and with good ideas to make people happy

I think one option is to provide self-sustentable farms and orchards to small poor communities, giving them the necessary inputs for construction and teaching them how to keep them running. It can garantee that the community can go further and with a better future, without external help..

One problem that need to be solved is that many people is dying because lack of water. We need to look for efficient, cheap and essentially fast to be built. One proposal I give is to instead of building water systems under-ground, building aqueducts so that it could be easier to build them with the materials that are there, so they could be cheaper, and also it could be easier and faster. About education, people there that can and want to be teacher need to be qualified so that they can teach to the children and adults that can. The schools could be made also with materials for there and could be easy to move as tents so that the children and adults that need the most basic education to begin solving their economic problems could be teach.

I truly believe that it is responsibility of each one of us to work in order to solve world poverty. Education is one of the basics, being informed is another one, active participation in our community with vulnerable groups is so important. One person is not going to end with world poverty but if each one performs his part , a real change will happen.

Widespread poverty is a serious threat to world peace. Governments in poverty-stricken countries are often politically unstable and can be toppled by military cous, amog other dangers. Besides, poverty forces poor people to leave their countries to search for better jobs in richer ones. There they are discriminated and persecuted: the unlucky ones are detained and repatriated. Poverty needs to be fought by promoting human capital, that is, by increasing the skills and abilities that make the labor force more productive. More educated workers will find better paid jobs in their countries and then poverty will be reduced.

Es muy interesante el que diferentes instituciones trabajen en conjunto para crear conciencia en los niños acerca de la pobreza en el mundo y de que manera cada uno de nosotros desde nuestra trinchera podamos ayudar para que ésta situación mejore, el involucrarlos y hacerlos partícipes de diferentes actividades primero en la escuela y después practicando ésto en su día a día crearán una verdadera conciencia para ayudar a los que más lo necesitan

Everything that comes out from you, soon or later it will back to you So don't worry about you will receive, it's better to be worried about what you will give.... Education and awareness to our future leaders, it's the key to tackle poverty

Yo pienso que la mejor manera de resolver este conflicto sería: Dar educación a todos, donando a empresas que de verdad ayuden a esas comunidades y sobre todo siendo solidarios al donar nuestras cosas que ya no utilizamos porque ellos las sabrían utilizar mejor que nosotros.

La mejor solución para este conflicto es la eduación a todos, donar a empresas que ayuden a comunidades en extrema pobreza y sobretodo ser solidarios dando nuestras cosas que ya no utilicemos porque ellos las sabrían usar mejor.

I think that it isn't just a person work, all of us can cooperate in order to make a better world. Giving education for children now a days it can be one example to start eliminating poverty, so they can grow up with ideals and goals to reach. We need to prove them they can make their life easier working, estudying, making your own money and choosing their own way instead of letting things happen.

Yo creo que la pobreza es un tema que tiene demaciada importancia e influye en la vida tanto social cómo económica de nuestra sociedad, ya que cómo personas tenemos que pensar en los que nos rodean y su situación.

I think the essential thing we have to consider to solve poverty, is to have education, house, food and medical services. We can also promove some campagnes with actions as giving clothes, food and teach the people in the developing situation to read and write. But we need to be a lot of people who wants to do that actions , not only one person can do that.

In 1983 Muhammad Yunus a bona fide visionary born in Bangladesh, established a new type of bank in his country: Grameen, a bank devoted to providing the poorest of his country with minuscle loans. He believes that credit is a basic human right, not a privilege of a fortunate few. Now Graeen provides over 2.5 billion dollars to more than two million families in rural Bangladesh. Note that 2.5 million dollars is not "dos billones y medio de dólares", but "dos mil millones quinientos mil dólares". Still a huge sum. Ninety -four percent of Grameen¨s clients are women, and repayment rates are near 100%. Around the world micro- lending programs inspired by Grameen are blossoming with more tan three hundred programs established in the United States alone!

Congratulations on this initiative! I think projects like this one should be done everywhere around the world. Libraries and schools of First world countries should use technology as a medium to help countries that are not able to have the necessary resources to properly educate. The relationship between poverty and education is evident.

El problema de la pobreza a nivel mundial es un verdadero reto para las naciones, pues en cada continente existen diferentes grados de ésta y las necesidades son diferentes, sin embargo se deben realizar compromisos económicos de parte de los diferentes gobiernos para proveer y facilitar el acceso a su población a derechos básicos, como son la seguridad social, los servicios de salud, acceso a la educación y promover el empleo. Esto independientemente de que la gente pueda tener una vivienda digna con los servicios básicos que para ella se requieren, principalmente el agua y de cuya escasez derivan tantos problemas de salud alrededor del mundo. El compromiso debe ser desde los gobiernos, para que sean capaces de administrar y destinar para ello los recursos necesarios a su alcance

Solving world poverty is a pretty complex task; however, it is the sum of millions of small efforts what can help to mitigate this issue. I consider we have to approach poverty in a holistic way, it is not just a fact of donating some money once in a while, the solution requires a commitment. In my personal opinion, we do not help a lot if we give away some pocket change to people in the streets, I prefer a commitment to donate a monthly allowance with organizations that are truly involved in helping specific communities like UNICEF or World Vision. Besides, we can also help making donations in kind, like clothes in good condition or books and, if possible, we can also donate our time and efforts in voluntary work.

I am a student of Instituto la paz and I enjoy a lot to read almost every book I imagine in this system. Also I love the Mango Languages curses and listen to the histories with the audiobooks. Each week we go downsters to the languages lab to read while I am listening to my favorite music in eglish of course. And it had been helping me a lot in my preparation for the First Certificate of English exam of Cambridge University this year.

world hunger and povertyMeaningful long-term alleviation of hunger is rooted in the alleviation of poverty, as poverty leads to hunger. World hunger is a terrible symptom of world poverty. If efforts are only directed at providing food, or improving food production or distribution, then the structural root causes that create hunger, poverty and dependency would still remain. While resources and energies are deployed to relieve hunger through technical measures such as improving agriculture, and as important as these are, inter-related issues such as poverty means that political solutions are likely required as well for meaningful and long term hunger alleviation.

We need some help to finish poverty like internationt action but first you have to know what is poverty? Poverty is when the people don't have water,food,money and resources to live. Please help us and add your comments in this blog.

People should start worry about poverty because this is a worldwide problem that we need to resolve because it is a really bad issue that in any moment can affect all the world, also because people that have this problem needs our help, and then in a future have less poverty problems until the poverty in all the world is gone.

La pobreza es un problema que existe en todo el mundo, pero todos podemos colaborar creando educación y conciencia; desde los mas pequeños de la familia hasta los mas grandes, cada uno puede poner un granito de arena y aprender que en la vida la colaboración es vital para mejorar como unidad.

Creo que la conciencia humana debe mejorar conforme los propios niños se sensibilicen que existe una problemática mundial que no solo es cuestión de dinero es cuestión de educación, de actitud y aveces hasta de cuestiones morales, pero gracias a que los miembros de la Comunidad "Instituto La Paz" y la gran labor que hacen con el compromiso de aprender y sensibilizarse ante estos problemas logran difundir temas tan importantes como la pobreza .


I have had the opportunity to explore HPL's website, which I think is very helpful and an excellent opportunity for students Instituto La Paz. I would congratulate the Director General and Director of English (Neil Crawford) who have made this alliance and reiterate our active participation to use this tool. Thanks for your enthusiastic participation.

I think that poverty has increased worldwide by the capitalist system and the world order, where poverty has reached the middle class because it costs more work to get ahead.

I think this partnership is a wonderful idea that will help the children to learn more but most importantly to improve their english and help them to chalenge and enhace themselves.

Talk about global poverty is very complicated because we can't help such dimension but what we can do as parents is to educate and sensitize our children about the resources that are necessary to live and often we don't appreciate, for example: don't waste water, eat all the food, value all the things they have (home, light, clothes, toys, school, etc) and teach them to donate and share with others (poor people) their things they don't take or don't need. "I think that's the way I can help with the problem of poverty".

We would like to thank all of you for your comments, compliments and contributions towards this impromptu discussion on world poverty. HPL eServices

Poverty can be exploited at times, when children and adults are at their weakest. It is as a global population and our responsibility to speak out and act against POVERTY. Congratulations to those children around the world spreading the message and ways of overcoming the obstacles around poverty.

Aunque puede ser un tema dificil que muchos prefieren evadir, es muy importante hacer conscientes a nuestros niños de este problema latente en el cual nosotros podemos contribuir con un granito de arena para combatirlo. Muchas gracias.

we must be help poverty people. we must be give they warm.If we have more monny then we can give to them.If we have more good things we must give them.if they have that some tihngs they will fine.and the world will good.

revise distribution of resources available and more participation of people to help others.

I´d like to congratulate the whole group, it´s an excellent presentation, and a very good sensibility to expose, a good coaching as well

Muy bien preparado Felicidades por su presentacion, excekentes los titeres

i will help with my time to help them

excelente presentacion and we will work as one

very interesting information and children were very smart.

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