Harbinger Wars, a ComicsPlus Part Series 3 of 3

Harbinger Wars takes everything that has been building up in the first few volumes of Bloodshot and Harbinger.

The secret government-sanctioned superpowered kill squads, the corporations vying for power with their own psionically powered teams, the kids with gifts they never asked for and barely understand, and the unkillable man that only knows how to kill all barreling towards each other like fuel tankers with the brake lines cut.

The result is chaotic, explosive, and somewhat confusing, but if you have kept up with the carnage and conspiracies up until now, the resulting cataclysm is sure to entertain. The tagline for the series is “No winners, just survivors,” so be prepared for some pyrrhic victories and devastating losses. The status quo is obliterated after this series, and readers will want to immediately read on in the Bloodshot and Harbinger series, which both continue for many volumes as well as inspire compelling spinoffs. These volumes serve as an excellent introduction to the expansive, varied Valiant universe.

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