Harbinger, a ComicsPlus Part Series 2 of 3

Harbinger tells the story of a troubled teen with godlike powers at the end of his rope, Peter Stancheck, and the Harada organization, who controls governments, media, and armies, led by the only man that rivals Peter’s power, Toyo Harada. Toyo appears at first glance to be a stereotypical evil mastermind, but as their fates intersect, it becomes increasingly unclear who will save the world, and who might destroy it.

Add in a ragtag team of superpowered misfits, escaped super-soldier children, and the unkillable killing machine, Bloodshot, and the stage is set for an apocalyptic showdown. The violence and action is not quite as frequent or graphic as Bloodshot, but they need time to develop their larger cast of characters, imbuing them with a depth and complexity that keeps you uncertain of who, if anyone, you can root for as the story goes on, but finding a connection with all of them.

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