Green Reads for April

Nature Books for April

Greetings all!

I don’t know about you, but with current circumstances I’ve discovered a newfound fondness for nature and long sanity saving walks around the neighborhood—of course always practicing proper social distance.

However, I also understand how tough it is to manage children stuck at home who are likely getting increasingly stir crazy. So, in tribute to the wonders of the natural world and to help celebrate Earth Day which occurs on April 22nd, here are some suggested picture books for children that are perfect to read to your little ones...or have them read out loud to you.

All of these titles are available as e-books through our service Axis360. And if you don’t want to mention to the kiddos that these books are also educational that’s fine! Below you’ll find a few of the titles highlighted but they’re all worth checking out!

Once in a Blue Moon by Danielle Daniel: In a collection of short poems, the author celebrates moments in nature that turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Double rainbows, hundreds of fireflies, a whale breaking the surface of the ocean, a butterfly landing on your nose...all the glorious possibility if we stop and take the time to look. The use of repetition of the title phrase and the soothing images of the natural world make this an ideal bedtime read. Start collecting your own ‘once in a blue moon’ natural wonders spotted in your community!

Give Bees a Chance by Bethany Barton: This sequel to I’m Trying to Love Spiders tackles another sometimes misunderstood creature. Edgar is afraid of bees and the narrator tries to get him to focus on the good they do for the world instead of his fears of being stung. Once Edgar learns of their role in providing us with pretty flowers and yummy sweet honey his mind is changed. The upbeat tone, comical drawing and varied text sizes keep young readers engaged even as they learn. A dose of silliness helps ease into complex topics about nature and the ecosystem---and maybe also a bit about learning to conquer our fears.

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt by Kate Messner:  Explore the busy secret world of a vegetable garden as it changes with the seasons. As a girl works with her grandmother to plant above ground, delighting in the leaves and sprouts of ripening fruits and vegetables, below is a rich ecosystem of bugs and snakes—all with an important role to play. Lyrical text and a muted color palette gently move the story along with a glossary at the end of all the creatures mentioned. Perhaps this book can be a jumping off point for plans for your own garden!

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