Five Fast Facts About Melanie Watt



Author of the Month, Melanie Watt

Melanie was born in Quebec Canada. Her first language is French and she didn't learn to speak English until she was 8 years old.

She has a green parrot named "Kiwi" that hangs out with her sometimes, while she creates her picture books.

"It began to be clear to me that being too careful and never taking risks can stop you from discovering your capabilities or talents. We often find ourselves getting too comfortable in our lives and therefore have no need to get out of our comfort zone, just like Scaredy Squirrel in his safe and familiar tree."

"One of the advantages of being both an author and illustrator is that you can work on two levels to communicate ideas; there are no limits to your imagination! In some cases, the visuals came first and in others it was the content. I’m thrilled with the results, I love how every page is so different from the next."

"My obsession when I was little was to draw little animals or Garfield the cat. Drawing is also how I broke the ice with other kids. At recess, I'd draw pictures on their hands,"


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