Five Fast Facts About Jorge Argueta



"Everybody is capable of writing, especially young children who are natural poets."

"My grandmother, Maria Luisa Perez, was a Pipil Nahua, Indian healer. In my hometown, Santo Domingo de Guzman, El Salvador, she was known as Mama Wicha or Mamita. She would talk to grandfather Fire, grandmother Water, she would talk to the mountains, the stars. She had great respect for our beloved Mother Earth. I listened to her stories with great love and admiration. She spoke our Indian language Nahuatl better than Spanish."

"I believe everything can be said through poetry. I have great love for poetry. Poetry is something I have practiced since childhood."


"Our children must know their heritage and be proud of it. I write about our experiences because they are rich and because it is extremely important that our children know about our wonderful, amazing culture and traditions. The Latino/a population keeps on growing in North America. There should be more books published about our experiences."


"I want children to know about the beauty or hardship of our realities and to feel proud of themselves. I want the reader to take a trip with me and live the experience of the character in the poems or stories."


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