Five Fast Facts About Gayle Forman



  • Her first job was for Seventeen magazine.
  • “I bombed my SATs.  I still did okay in life.”
  • She can bake a batch of cupcakes from scratch in under 20 minutes.
  • She took three years off to travel before college.
  • Favorite Dessert: “Pie. No, Crème brûlée. No, Pie.”


wow make a decision on what dessert you like jk im a big fan :)

I love her novels and I'm young

I LOVE THE book If I Stay

Omg I Love The Book And Movie " If I Stay " Is Made Me Tear Up . I Read " Where She Went " I Love It Too , i Cant Wait Until The Movie ..Hope It Comes Out Soon .

I love If I Stay too, and I heard that 'Where She Went' is going to be made into the sequel movie, 'If I Stay 2'.

Thanks for your comments everyone. Gayle's new book Leave Me comes out in September 2016 and we will certainly get quite a few copies for you to check out! HPL eServices

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