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This is an update to a previously published blog post.

Did you know you know now have 24/7 access to online tutoring and test prep with Brainfuse?!  It's true and we're here to help you get started.

Simply use your HPL card number to log in or sign up at

To jump to the College Entrance Practice Tests, choose SkillSurfer from the HelpNow home page.

Click on "View Lessons", and you will see the expanded category and various preparation packs.  HPL gives you access to test prep for: PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP tests, TOEFL iBT, TOEIC, CLEP, THEA and nursing entrance exams.

The standardized test prep packs contain information about the practice test, and the lessons break down the information into smaller chunks that are easier to digest.  When you are viewing the prep packs, you have the option to either send a question to get assistance at a later time or connect with a live tutor for immediate assistance!

You can take as many practice tests as you like.  When you finish a test, you are able to review each answer and question.  You'll see a list of all the skills that you were tested on and what you answered correctly and incorrectly.  You can then hover over the skills to easily connect with a live tutor for personal assistance.

See how excited our customers are about this service!

“Today was my first day using Brainfuse. It was an awesome experience. Tutors make you think and figure out how to go about a problem. They do not just solve for you but make you think through it. This helps with your critical thinking. This definitely makes you a better student and improves your grade.  It is a definite privilege to have this sort of help. Brainfuse is great!”

“I appreciate the time my tutor gave me even after it was past time. Not only did they help me go through everything step by step but it assured me that I could've gotten there if I would have pushed myself a little further. I was at the point but not as thorough. Thank you.”

“Love the thorough explanation and patience. This clears a lot of problem and confusion, and gives me a good reason to enjoy class for I am now more confidence about getting the right answer in tests and actually learning something of use.”

“Krishna is an amazing tutor. Not only was Krishna able to explain concepts that I had trouble understanding after my professor went over them, but Krishna was able to get me to enjoy learning science again. I had once loved learning science, but over the years I got frustrated with it. However, Krishna was able to get my confidence to go up! I'll be sure to come back again. I am no longer afraid to ask questions and I am ready to begin "appreciating the subject."

“Victoria checked my paper, and once it was done she helped me go over it, mistake by mistake to fix all of them. Thank you for your time!”


I'm sign in for help with home work, with my son, they ask for a pin, can you tellme what pin is that? thanks.

You will need your library card account number and a PIN to access Brainfuse. If you do not know your PIN, or you have forgotten it, you can go to the MyAccount page and request a new PIN. You will receive an email prompt to change your PIN at the email on record.

is my fist time

I never use this service

I have a test tomorrow over my homework and this helped me completely to get ready for that test. I'm confident I will pass it now. Thank you.”

Elsy, we're glad you found this service useful. Good luck with your classes.

Helpful info.....


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