Bone, a ComicsPlus Series

Comedy, adventure, horror, romance, and fantasy come together seamlessly in the epic saga Bone by Jeff Smith. Three cartoonish, vaguely bone-shaped brothers are exiled from Boneville due to their greedy brother Phoney Bone’s hair-brained schemes. The happy go lucky Smiley Bone, and the well-meaning and long-suffering Fone Bone are lost in a desert when they come upon the medieval land of the Valley. Fone meets Thorn, a brave and beautiful young woman, and her tough as nails, but kind, Gran’ma Ben.

The bones begin a series of comic misadventures due to Foney’s scheming and face the encroaching danger of The Hooded One and their evil army. The story and themes grow darker and more harrowing as the story unfolds, but it never loses its warm heart and deft humor. The story has some suggestive humor, depicts smoking and drinking, and has some genuinely frightening elements, so it's not recommended for young readers. Tweens and Teens, and their caregivers, will all love this series for years to come.
~ Drew Alvey

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