Bloodshot, a ComicsPlus Part Series1 of 3

Now a big-screen blockbuster, Bloodshot explodes off the page in a visceral onslaught of violent action, international intrigue, and gruesome horror. Bloodshot is an American hero, a dedicated soldier they call on when no one else can get the job done. He will see any mission through, no matter how seemingly impossible, and achieve victory, all in the hopes of getting back home to see his family.

That is until a mission goes wrong, and he is captured by enemy forces that reveal his past is a lie. Implanted by a secret outfit that sends him out a piece of hardware; a soldier stronger, faster, and deadlier than any man alive, and one with an inhumanly powerful healing ability that can regenerate fateful wounds. Bloodshot discovers that his present is even more fraught with danger and deception than his past, and if he is to have a future, he will have to fight for it to the bitter, bloody end.

This series has intense, graphic violence interspersed with a plot that keeps the reader guessing with new twists and turns around the corner. The lines between hero and villain are murky and morally ambiguous, especially because you can read the adventures of the antagonists in their own title. The series has a lot to offer and many volumes to explore. It serves as a great entry point into the Valiant Universe.
~ Drew A.

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