Mobile Hotspots

Get online anywhere, anytime with HPL's Mobile Wifi Hotspot!

Return Policy

  • The Mobile Hotspot can be checked out for 3 weeks
  • The Hotspot must be returned to the Service Desk of the location where it was checked out
  • Do not return the Hotspot in the book drop

Fines & Fees
Replacement fee if lost/damaged: $80 + $10 processing fee
Damaged or missing charger/cord/battery: $10 per item

Technical Support for the Mobile Hotspot
HPL Technical Help 281-387-7998
Monday - Friday, 9 AM- 5 PM

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Quick Mobile Hot Spot Guide

  • Before using the Hotspot, charge it for 3 hours. You  may still use it while it is charging.
  • To turn the Hotspot device on, press and hold the power button until you see the word  “Welcome” on the LCD screen.
  • In order to get a better wireless signal, make sure you are in an area that is covered by the Sprint network.
  • The Wi-Fi network name and password are printed on the label of the Hotspot device.
  • The Hotspot device works on most Wi-Fi enabled devices such as laptops, desktops, smart phones and tablets. To connect your device, find the Wi-Fi network name on your device and connect to it.
  • The Hotspot battery will last between 8 to 24 hours depending on usage. To shut down or turn off the device completely, press and hold the power button until you see the word “Goodbye” on the LCD Screen.
  • When you are ready to return the Hotspot to the library, place the device and charger in the box. Make sure to return it to the HPL location’s service desk where you checked it out.
  • Please be gentle with the device, charger and case. There is a $10 fee for damaged or lost battery, charger, cord and/or adapter.

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