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Summer reading is coming up for kids and adults, so it’s time to start finding your summer reads, get on hold lists, and make sure you’ve got your apps/e-Readers set up.

If you’re like me, a big user of digital materials, then you’ve probably gotten frustrated at least once with all the jumping around required to find out if an e-Book or e-Audiobook is available to check out. Going to the catalog to see if we have it at all, then going to whichever source it’s at to see if you can borrow it or have to put a hold on it. It can be a lot of hoops to jump through. We realized this and have worked hard to find a solution. We’re proud to announce we’ve got it. Welcome to eResource Central!

You are now able to search for, place holds on, and download e-Books and e-Audiobooks from the catalog. You can also see what digital items you have checked out in your My Account page – no more checking all the individual accounts! It currently works for OverDrive, Axis360, Hoopla, and RBdigital! It will even tell you in your Digital Checkouts which source the item came from if you need more help or can’t remember which app the book is accessed in.

How does this work? Easily enough! Let’s get started!

When a title is available, there will be a download button. Click on it then sign in with your library card number and PIN to check it out.

Some books come in several formats while others come in only one. Make sure you choose the format compatible with your device!

OverDrive e-Books and e-Audiobooks

If you checked out an OverDrive digital item that you want to read on your OverDrive app, you will find the item on your OverDrive account ready for download once you’ve checked it out from the catalog.

If you’re using Adobe Digital Editions on your computer, you will go to the Digital Checkouts tab in your account. There you will see a link to download the item.

Once the file has finished downloading you will click on it to send it to Adobe Digital Editions to read.

If you’re using a Kindle or the Kindle app connected to an Amazon account, you will find a book available in the Kindle format. 

This time when you click the download button to check the book out a box will pop up asking which format you want to check out. 

Select Kindle then go to your Amazon account to deliver the item to your Kindle device or app.


If you want to use your Axis360 account for items on eResource Central, you will look this time for e-books with the format AXIS 360 EBOOK then click the download button.

While you will need to go to the app to read the e-Book, your checkouts will show up in your library’s Digital Checkouts account so you can see everything you have checked out and return your e-materials from the same area.


For this account type, you will look for e-Audiobooks with the format WINDOWS MEDIA AUDIO or MP3. Again, you will click the download button.

This time it will ask you to enter your RBdigital username then click the checkout button. A popup will appear confirming your checkout was successful.


If you’re a fan of Hoopla (like me!), you will look for the electronic format indicating Hoopla and follow the same checkout procedures.


All of this has assumed the title is available for immediate download. What happens when someone else has the item already checked out? You need to put a hold on it just like you would a physical item.

Instead of a download button, there will be a Place Hold button. If you click that, you can put a hold on the item and get a notification by email when the e-Book is available for you to download. To look up your holds, log in to My Account on the catalog, click on the Holds tab, then select Digital Holds. 

Hopefully I’ve touched on all the bases here. If you need more help, don’t be shy! Ask us through email, call us, or leave a comment here!

Written by Genevieve H., Central Library


Hi, I only read e-books and I never use the audio books, so it is a pain to have to filter out everything each time I search for a book. I could not find an option to save your search criteria as a default. This would save lots of time . Please let me know if there is a way to filter out everything but e-books and save that as a default. Thanks!

Sorry, just disregard my previous comment please. I just tried the suggested Overdrive and see how it only contains digital content, so this is my solution.

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