Houston, We Have Lynda!

Note: Also check Creating and Editing Playlists and Choosing Videos and Completing Courses.

HPL is happy to announce that we have a new digital resource: Lynda.com!

What on earth is Lynda? Think of it like YouTube but educational. Instead of spending all that time surfing the net to find out how to make a pivot table in Excel, you can simply pull up Lynda.com and watch a short video. Want to learn how to advertise on Twitter? There’s a video for that! Videos range from a few minutes long to several hours, depending upon the depth of the topic. It also offers video based courses on a variety of topics, but that’s for a later post.

Today I’m going to help you get started with Lynda.com including making and customizing your account. You’re going to need your MY Link card at the ready! (Need one? Visit our MY Link page to get started.)

When you first open up Lynda, you’ll be greeted with a log in page. If you already have an account, you’ll simply enter your library card number and password and click Log in. As a new user, though, you will need to click the Create a profile button to set up your account and make a password.

On the Create a profile page, you’ll be asked to provide your valid Houston Public Library card number then create a password. The password needs to be at least six characters with a letter and a number. I discovered this the hard way, so you don’t have to! Mind the yellow warning in the photo. They are serious about those requirements. Click Create Profile to move to the next screen which will ask for your first and last name and an email address.

Now that you have a profile with Lynda.com, it’s going to ask you to select the topics that are of interest to you so it can make recommendations. You can go back and change these at any time or ignore them completely. I highly recommend selecting a couple so you can get a feel of the types of materials Lynda offers and jump quickly to the learning stage. There are a number of categories to choose from and a variety of topics within each of those categories. You can select individual topics or the entire category if you just can’t decide on one focus at the moment. Personally, I have a wide range of  topics selected for future learning.

I hope you enjoy our new service! Keep an eye out for future Lynda.com blog posts about adding and editing playlists as well as watching videos and completing courses.

If you have any questions or get stuck, please give us a call at 832-393-1313 or drop us an email.

Written by Genevieve H., Central Library


I s the a link on the Houston Public Library website directly linking to Lynda.com? When I go directly to Lynda.com it asks me to pay for a free trial.

Thanks for catching this! I neglected to hyperlink every time we wrote Lynda.com, so those links by default went directly to lynda.com. Those have all been corrected and should direct you to a login page that asks for your library card number, as shown in the screenshots above.

I just downloaded your app on my phone. When I select Free Trial it is prompting me for payment?

You should access Lynda.com from our website http://lynda.com/portal/sip?org=houstonlibrary.org and use your library card to create an account. Once you have created your account, you can access Lynda.com with your library card number and password, even from your phone.

Words cannot express how awesome this is!!!

We're glad you are happy and hope you find it useful!

HPL is so great to offer us Lynda.com courses. Thank you!!

We're very happy to be able to offer Lynda.com, too!

This is a great resource for learning new skills on the computer, everything from web design, WordPress to Office. Linked-In offers this for a price, so this is a major feature for the HPL to provide. Thanks HPL! I will apply today.

This is so awesome! I was using lynda before but had to cancel due to cost. Then I find out that HPL has this tools, and I'm almost in tears! Courses are really great, I hope people will use them.

Thanks Mark and Alex! We agree that it is an awesome resource and now we are able to offer it to our MY Link card holders for FREE!!!

Holy cow!!! This is so freakin' awesome!! HPL rocks for offering this incredible resource! Please don't ever get rid of it! Thanks!!!

Thanks Yvonne. We think it's awesome too and will have it for a long time. HPL eServices

Without a doubt this just adds another layer of AWESOME to all the Incredible things HPL already does. This is invaluable. Thank YOU!

Thanks Kairy!

Just found out you have Lynda available to patrons. I had used their trial but couldn't afford a monthly subscription. Now I can upgrade my skills. Thank you so much! What a gift to the community!

That's fantastic, Kara! So glad you are happy with HPL.

HPL kudos! This is really great service to the learner community. A praiseworthy investment on your part. Please add a link on the HPL home page. I had to search "lynda" and it yielded book result. So I had to go back to google and find this blog post. Cheers.

I have an HPL card, and followed your instructions, but it never took me to the page to enter my email address, etc. I then went back and signed up for the My Link card, but it did the same thing for that number.

I waited a few days and tried again. It works now.

Excellent, Bobbi! Tell your friends.

Hey Alex, thank you for your feedback. At the moment, Lynda.com is advertised on our homepage. It is also found on the Online Learning page but you can always use the "search the website" feature on the upper ride side to find Lynda and other resources.

Lynda is one of the best resources around for learning software programs. Thanks for adding it!

Will a hpl power card work?

Hi Annette, yes an HPL PowerCard will work as long as it is valid. If it's expired, you may get the new MY Link library card at any of our 40+ locations through out Houston.

Hi HPL, I Have Couple of questions regarding HPL Card. 1)Do we need to pay any money for acquiring HPL card or is it free of cost. 2) I am a nonresident alien(country other than USA) and have been living in Houston, texas for 2 years. Am I eligible to apply for the card. I will be able to submit my residence proof and id Proof of Houston. Or is this facility only for the residents of the USA. 3) If eligible, how much time does it take for me to get a card after my application. 4) If eligible, How many days the HPL card is valid for.? Thanks a lot for your time.

Hello Krishnakumar, our library card (MY Link card) is free for all Texas residents. All you have to do is visit any of our 40+ locations, show photo ID with your address and you can get a library card that's valid for 3 years. When the card expires, you simply renew it at any HPL location.

Thanks a lot Saima.. :)

I signed up and successfully created account but forgot the password. The custom HPL login page does not have a password reset!? How do I go about resetting my password as I cannot use the normal login page and must use the HPL portal?

Hello Josh, When you create your Lynda.com profile, you provide your own password. It is not connected with your HPL library account. If you click on the Signup link on the right uppercorner, you can get to signup help: https://www.lynda.com/login/loginhelp.aspx

You are correct. This new lynda.com password is the one that I cannot recover. When you visit the lynda login help link that you provided and enter your email it redirects to the Houston Public Library portal at: https://www.lynda.com/portal/sip?org=houstonlibrary.org. On that page there is no way to reset a forgotten password. HPL needs to reach out to Lynda.com to provide this functionality for their library users.

There is no way to reset the lynda password automatically. You have to send a request to HPL and some poor soul has to manually do this. See this page: http://houstonlibrary.org/lyndacom

Hello Bryan. You can now contact Lynda directly at 888-335-9632 if you need to reset your password. We hope this helps!

I am so very thrilled to have just discovered HPL gives access to Lynda. This is going to save my sanity a little! :)

I try to log in to Lynda today and it was unsuccessful, even though I got through so many times before. I wonder if there is end of contract or some of technical issue. Please tell me if anyone else has the same problem. Thanks!

Velvet, access Lynda from our portal at https://www.lynda.com/portal/sip?org=houstonlibrary.org. You must have a valid library card to access it.

Login doesn't go through.. Anyone has same problem?

Velvet, can you send us an email with your library card info so we can check? Submit the form here: http://houstonlibrary.org/email-reference

I cannot believe you've granted us free access to Lynda!!! This will truly help me get a job, since I know my field requires me to teach myself different software that I haven't been able to do up until now. THANK YOU HPL!!! GAME CHANGER!!! Please keep HPL free access to Lynda forever!!

That's great SB. We are happy to help.

You guys are giving me one more real to feel great about being Houstonian :) This is simply awesome.

Ram, we're happy to be able to provide a useful learning tool like this one to our patrons. Glad you agree.

Thank you for providing such a great tool to the community! Fortunate to have a library who is constantly making things better for their patrons.

Anu, we are glad that you think so. We are happy to provide a learning tool like this for our patrons.

Hi, I cannot login using my library card number and password. I used to be able to. Not sure what's changed. Please help.

If you have forgotten your password for Lynda or are having difficulties please submit a help request through http://houstonlibrary.org/email-reference. Please make sure to give us your name and library card.

Great tool! Just wondering but, can we use Lynda apps? Or We can only log in through the web link? It's no big deal but just wondering. Thanks!

You will need to have created an account with Lynda.com through the web link first, but once you have an account with Lynda.com, you can download the app to your phone. You will then need to log in to your account on your phone. Select the option that you already have an account, go to the tab for organization and scroll down to the log in section for a Web Portal. type in "houstonlibrary.org" and that will route you to log in with your library card and password. That should let you use the Lynda.com phone app.

It appears the login has stopped working for HPL card holders. I have been logging on for weeks taking a course and today the Lynda site keeps rejecting the login passthrough from HPL. Any idea what's going on?

If you have forgotten your password for Lynda or are having difficulties please submit a help request through http://houstonlibrary.org/email-reference. Please make sure to give us your name and library card.


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