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Are you a recent graduate searching for what to do with your education? Maybe you're a career changer wondering where else your hard-earned skills and work experience could take you. 

In any situation as a job hunter, Brainfuse Job Now is available to help dream up your future career with its eParachute feature.

This awesome tool will allow you to:

  • discover your most loved strengths,
  • explore hundreds of potential career paths, and
  • determine how well a career might match what you love to do most.

If you've heard of the book What Color is Your Parachute? by Richard Bolles, then you get the gist of eParachute.  To prove how easy and enlightening the process is, I took it for a test spin!

The first step is adding some jobs or work that interest you.  There aren't many tools to help get you started if you're experiencing some kind of mental block, but there is a dialog box with questions that may get your juices flowing.

Next is a fun exercise wherein you pretend you're at a party and you rank the types of people who would would feel most comfortable hanging out with.  Hover over the types for more details.

Based on your selections for favorite types of folks, you'll next be asked to select 4 fields of study that would most interest you.  

Finally, you'll need to prioritize your top 3 favorite or best skills.  You get the chance to reprioritize them afterward, so take some time to think about your work or even volunteer experience up until this point.  Everything is valid!

At the end, you get a list of potential jobs and career paths that could interest you.  These were cool, and I learned that I maybe should have stuck with a science focus.  :0)

We hope you like this tool; let us know what your future holds!

- Mary W. and Lauren W.



It's asking to buy a year subscription but I thought it is free? There is an option to input an eParachute invite code. Thanks in advance!

It is free - please use the HPL authenticated link to access it. Let us know if you still have trouble accessing it.

awesome...can't wait to try this out thank you, Michelle

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